Enjoy a taste of the world in Gizzy

Our menu is based around the 5 continents – Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Our sharing plates are designed to allow everyone to have a taste of the world. We recommend ordering 1-2 plates per person but feel free to order more if you feel it’s not enough!


Tabouleh – 12 DF, Vegan

A Syrian salad made with parsley and bulgur – that one grain that you heard is good for you.

Lamb Kefta with herb yoghurt – 16, GF

Middle-eastern culinary excellence in all its glory – Meat on a stick.

Falafel with hummus – 14, GF,DF, Vegan

A staple among vegetarians and vegans. Now for everyone to enjoy.


Lamb Tagine with Flatbread – 18, DF

Named after the pot it’s traditionally cooked in, this fragrant dish brings a smile to anyone who tries it.


Beef Tataki – 16, GF, DF

Made the Japanese way, by searing off meat at a scorching temperature leaving it raw in the middle. Yum.

Pork Dumplings with Soy sauce – 16, DF

A staple of Asian cuisine. Made with an array of fillings, we’ve opted for the ever popular Pork and Cabbage. The Asian answer to a meat pie!

Chicken Satay – 18, GF, DF

Unreal for real peanut lovers.

Indian spiced Lentils

with Coconut chutney – 14, GF, DF, Vegan

Lentils were always begging for a good sauce to be dipped in. Indias Chips and Dips at your fingertips.


Marinated Prawns with Sesame seeds – 14, GF, DF

The chicken of the sea, marinated with all you favourite spices. Can’t go wrong.


Chicken Wings – 16, GF

Enjoy some with friends and a crisp beverage!

Nachos with Three Bean Chilli/ Beef Chilli, Sourcream, Jalapenos, grated Cheese – 14/16, GF

If you pay a little extra for your Mexican nachos, you get a complimentary cerveza.

Sous-vide Rib-eye

and Chimmichurri – 22, GF, DF



Tortilla – 12, GF

It’s like an omelette but the Spanish additions of potato and onion, make it all the better. 

Arancini with sun-dried Tomato Purée– 16

Italy’s favourite kind of rice. Now deep fried!

Confit Duck – 18, GF, DF

French & fabulous.

Pâté de Campagne – 16, DF

Meaty Pâté. Venison, Pork with a drop of Armagnac.


Cheeseboard – 20

The Kiwi’s way of saying welcome – the European way of saying goodbye. It’s like they’re on the opposite side of the world.

Tahitian Ceviche with Melba toast – 18, DF

Fish marinated in lemon juice and coconut cream – try it on toast.

Lamb Rump with Jus

and pickled Onion – 20, GF, DF

Lamb and honey combined. Can’t think of anything more Kiwi than that.


The Chocolate Bar – Cocoa Sponge Cake, Milk Choc. Mousse, Milk Choc. Cremeux and Dark Choc. Glacage – 14

It’s like a fancy chocolate slice.

Mini Coffee/ Apple Cakes – Walnut cake, apples, whipped coffee ganache – 12, GF

Exotic Vacherin – Coconut meringue, Passionfruit and Coconut sorbet, whipped cream – 10, GF

Ice cream  – 7

Sorbet (DF, Vegan) – 7